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Viajes en crucero hacia la Antártida. Conocé los paisajes maravillosos que la Antártida tiene para compartir con vos y tu familia.
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From the end of November through February every year, there are options to discover Antarctica, the White Continent.

These expeditions are twofold: scientific and exploratory. Most cruise ships are especially prepared for this kind of journey, with activities and services focused on interpretation and enjoyment of a natural environment right at the very ends of the Earth.

There are multiple variables to experience these trips. Passengers frequently set sail aboard expeditions cruise ships for a minimum of 8 nights. Companies also offer trips that cruise one way and fly the other from operation bases strategically located; or flights to Antarctica and back in a day, combined with cruise lines operating at the Antarctic Peninsula; and even flights with full day programs with overnight stay at camps especially settled.

A destination for those who think they’ve seen it all.