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acaciones en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lo cultural es distintivo, museos, atelieres, librerías, y teatros, pero también pasiones como el tango.
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Buenos Aires is the capital city of the Republic of Argentina. It was founded twice, first in 1536 and then finally in 1580.

Located on the western coast of the River Plate, the city was marked from the very beginning by a European influence on its layout, buildings style and traditions. The migration flows by the end of the 19th century, fostered to settle the vast territories of the country, strengthened the European preeminence.

Visitors find these typical features in the buildings down town, in Puerto Madero, or in the neighborhoods of Recoleta and San Telmo.

Cultural attractions are unique: museums, ateliers, bookstores, and theatres; but also the local passions, tango and football, that captivate anyone coming to visit. This city never rests or sleeps; you will always find something new to see.

You just have to experience Buenos Aires.

      Climate in Buenos Aires

The average annual temperature is 18 ºC / 64 °F.


The coolest month of the year is July. In winter, mild cold weather during the day with lower temperatures at night.


The summer is hot and humid, with warm mornings and significantly high temperatures in the afternoon.



Visit the Colon Theatre, El Ateneo bookstore and taste the chocolate with churros (fried-dough pastry) at the Café Tortoni.



Comfortable clothes and footwear.



From the center of Buenos Aires:

to the Ezeiza Airport 34 km / 21 mi

to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery 8 km / 5 mi