Esteros del Iberá - LEADING TRAVEL - Litoral Argentino
Vacaciones en Esteros del Iberá. Conocé los monumentos naturales de Corrientes Argentina. Ideal para viajar en pareja o con tu familia.
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Esteros del Iberá is a marshland reserve where rainwater fills the basins creating the stunning wetlands which are not more than three meters in depth and which are covered by floating plants. Esteros del Iberá marshlands host diverse animal and plant species with more than 60 lagoons. This natural paradise is the world’s second largest wetland reserve.

Aguapes and water poppies cover the lagoons and also camalotes. These plants form the embalsado, which is a mass of floating water weeds.

This is the home for yacaré (type of caiman), marsh deer, maned wolf, giant anteater and aguará guazú, all considered Natural Monuments of the Province of Corrientes. A paradise for bird watching, the wetlands host white-necked herons, storks and neotropic cormorants among the 350 species that fly across their sky.

Jungles, palm groves and grasslands with various areas of forests dominate the landscape, each with its own associated fauna and flora.

      Climate in Esteros del Iberá

Mild and humid weather with an average annual temperature of 20 ºC / 68 ºF. Winters are mild while summer months are hot.


Fall and summer are the rainy seasons.


Take the aquatic horse rides through the lagoons. Recreational kayaking. Taste the delicious chipá (small, baked, cheese-flavored rolls) with mate (bitter infusion of the leaves of a South American shrub).



Comfortable clothes, trekking shoes and boots, sunglasses or sunscreen and sunblock protection.



From Colonia Carlos Pellegrini:

to Posadas 204 km / 127 mi

to Puerto Iguazú 494 km / 307 mi