Atacama - LEADING TRAVEL - Norte Chileno
Viajes a San Pedro de Atacama en el norte Chileno. Vacaciones en familia o en pareja en uno de los destinos más increíbles de sudamérica.
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Archeological capital of the country and classic Chilean landscape, San Pedro de Atacama is an ancient town and a must-see for any visitor to Chile.

Walking along the narrow streets of the town, travelers get to see the typical houses made of sun-dried bricks. The settlement, originally organized as an ayllus (traditional form of a community in the Andes), is the ethnographic essence of the Atacama region full of local color exhibited in handicrafts, food and festivals, among other forms of art.

Capital Arqueológica del país y zona típica, San Pedro de Atacama es un antiguo pueblo, recorrido obligatorio por todos los visitantes a Chile. This is the starting point of an unforgettable journey to explore the endless beauties of the most fantastic postcards of the world. There are interesting tour programs to discover the attractions of the area: active geysers, lagoons of intense colors, and dazzling salt flats. For those people who go out in search of adventure, there are plenty of options including bike programs to explore the desert or sand board activities on the dunes.

At nightfall, countless starts twinkle above the Atacama desert, the aridest desert on Earth.

      Climate in San Pedro de Atacama

From April through September, temperatures range from 9 ºC / 48 ºF to 24 ºC / 75 ºF, with pristine night skies, no rainfall and cold nights.


From October through March, temperatures range from 13 ºC / 55 ºF to 25 ºC / 77 ºF, and may reach 32 ºC / 90 ºF.


During this season, days are hot with occasional rainfall. Desert climate with extreme fluctuation of temperatures during daytime and at night.



Visit Tatio Geyser. Cordillera de Sal (Salt Mountains) and take the Astronomy Tour.



Comfortable clothes, light rain cape, sunglasses or sunscreen and sunblock protection.



Aeropuerto de Calama 101 km / 63 mi

Purmamarca (ARG) 411 km  / 256 mi

Santiago de Chile 1630 km / 1013 mi