Visita Jujuy en el Norte Argentino. Explorá la Quebrada del Humahuaca y las Sagradas tierras de Tilcara y Purmamarca. Vacaciones | Familia | Tradición
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The province of Jujuy is located in Argentina’s northwest region, bordering on Bolivia and Chile to the north and west, and Salta to the south east. It is part of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor through the Jama Border, the connection to get to Atacama.

The tropic of Capricorn crosses the province of Jujuy, and due to the environmental and climate features, the province may be divided into four regions: Valleys, Humahuaca Gorge, Yungas (wooded areas) and the Puna (high treeless plateau).

Jujuy is a harmonious synthesis of ancestral traditions and the cultural and historical value of the region, all surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Culturally, the province holds a valuable historical legacy as it was the land of ancient indigenous peoples and served as the only passage route during the Hispanic period.

The Humahuaca Gorge is in the central region of the province along the Río Grande from north to south, and it is flanked by mountain ranges. It is the gateway to the highlands from the lowland valleys. There is scarce vegetation, mainly giant cactuses (cardón). It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site under the Cultural Landscapes category. Travelling around this area allows visitors to discover an impressive landscape of endless colors going back in time 600 million years ago. Here, the geological past meets with the remains of 10,000 years of settlements that were home to the local inhabitants.

      Climate in Jujuy

Due to the mountain-like geography, there are diverse micro-climates in the province. Thus, within a line of 20 km / 12 mi., there may be rainfall and a bright shining sun at the same time.


In general, the climate is dry, cool, and desert-like. Days are mostly clear, with only a few rainy days in summer.


Average maximum temperatures range from 19 °C / 12 ºF to 23 °C / 15 ºF throughout the year. The nights are cold in the rainy season and very cold over the dry period.



Taste the local food. Take the ride with llamas (domesticated pack animal of the camel family). Stay over in Purmamarca to enjoy the sunrise hour at the Hill of Seven Colors. Visit the Salinas (salt flats).



Comfortable clothes, light rain cape, sunglasses or sunscreen and sunblock protection.



From San Salvador de Jujuy

Purmamarca 66 km / 41 mi

Salta 124 km / 77 mi

Buenos Aires 1515 km / 941 mi

From Purmamarca

San Pedro de Atacama 411 km / 256 mi