Viajes a El Chalten en Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina. Vacaciones para hacer trekking y conocer el Cerro Fitz Roy. El Chalten es la capital del trekking.
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El Chaltén lies to the north of Los Glaciares National Park with a privileged location. It was founded in 1985 to reinforce the national sovereignty in the region. Years later, it was designated as the Trekking Capital of Argentina.

El Chaltén sits at the base of Mount Fitz Roy, Mount Torre and a series of granite ‘spires’ around them. There is a wide range of trekking trails, with diverse difficulty levels and attractive to different types of visitors given the landscape features in the area. Laguna de Los Tres, Laguna Capri and Laguna Torre treks are the most popular, all signaled and adapted to easily access the magnificent panoramic views preventing a negative impact on the natural environment.

Due to weather conditions, it is best to visit El Chaltén from October through March, with a minimum 2-nigth stay.

El Chaltén: A Mountain Paradise.

      Climate in El Chaltén

The climate is cool and very windy, especially from October through March.


As the Southern Ice Filed comes closer, weather conditions are increasingly humid and cold.


In February, temperatures can rise to 19 ºC / 67 ºF, while in July they can be as low as -2 ºC / 28 ºF.



Visit Lago del Desierto. Stay at least a 2-night stay at the destination.



Comfortable clothes, trekking shoes and boots, sunglasses or sunscreen and sunblock protection.



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